Monday, September 17, 2007

IMPEACH or IMPLODE ?, that is the question...

IMPEACH, or IMPLODE? that is the question. Whether 'tis better to bear the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, or ... take action, that too is a question worthy of time in thought.

Though taught as true in government schools and parroted in the mainstream media, NOT anywhere in the Constitution does it provide for federal judges to be "appointed for life"!

This is a book-to-be again (was near complete in a.d. 2003 when my three computers with six near complete books were stolen, but the "authorities" never bothered to try to find the stolen goods...) telling the history of Judicial impeachments in America. Jefferson after losing to Marshall in an early "supreme Court" justice impeachment waxed fatalistic when he wrote, "Impeachment is scarcely a scarecrow."

At age 22, Theodore Roosevelt cut his teeth in politics by leading the charge to successfully impeach and remove the Chief Justice of New York. Both great men along with the greatest President, George Washington, are sculpted into Mount Rushmore, across the gap is Lincoln.

This book will remind us all of the DUTY in the Constitution of legislators on both the state and federal levels to impeach judges whose "bad behavior" is leading us to dissolution as a Republic, a nation of laws for the people, not laws ignored or "legislated from the bench" by judges "behaving badly".

This seeks to provide a "How To" book for us, for the U.S., for "We, the People" to begin the essential task to demand our elected servants in the legislature to follow the lead of George Washington who said "do my Duty to God and my Country" by initiating far more Bills of Impeachment against jaundiced judges so to rein in or remove "bad behavior" and restore our Republic. ***GW***

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